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Advantages of Planetary Mixer for Concrete

Writer:Admin   Time:22/04/02

    With the development of science and technology, the design of concrete mixers is full of styles and models. In order to seize the market, Haomei Machinery has stepped up innovation in the design of planetary mixer for concrete and produced new types of concrete mixers closely following the needs of customers. In the current concrete mixer industry, there is a new type of vertical shaft concrete mixer, also known as planetary concrete mixer or vertical concrete mixer.

    This kind of planetary mixer for concrete subverts the original design concept of the mixing bucket of the concrete mixer, adopts a vertical structure, and the mixing shaft is vertical, which is somewhat similar to the transmission principle of a flat mixer. This kind of planetary concrete mixer has its own advantages, the mixing is more complete, especially the unloading is more convenient, and it can also be used in the concrete mixing plant. The system equipment adopts a planetary reducer to drive the stirring arm and stirring blade, which can carry out planetary stirring both revolution and rotation, which can make the material stirring effect more uniform. It is very suitable for concrete production needs of cement product factories, PC components, cement pipes, pipe gallery and other industries, so it is widely used in concrete products industry.

    There are many members in the concrete mixer family. Different types of planetary mixer for concrete equipment have different prices, and different types of concrete mixers of the same type have different prices. Users can choose various mixing equipment according to their actual needs to meet production needs and reasonably balance production costs. The price of various concrete mixer equipment can be purchased by consulting the river phone.