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Concrete Mixer Price In Kenya

Writer:Admin   Time:22/04/12

    If you want to get cheap concrete mixer price in kenya, I think you can trust Haomei Machinery while the concrete mixer quality is guaranteed. We have export concrete mixer and concrete batching plant to Kenya since 20 years ago, good market reputation shows our product strength and good service. The concrete mixer can be installed on the steel frame structure of the mixing station as an independent equipment, and it supports all its components such as: main shaft device, mixing device, unloading device, transmission device, mixing simple cover and waterway system.

    The import concrete mixer price in kenya is not higher than local market price, and we can offer concrete mixer configuration accustomed according to user’s requirement. The mixing capacity of JS series concrete mixer manufactured by Haomei Machinery is 0.5m3 to 4m3 per batch. This concrete mixer is a complete mixing system in function. Materials (coarse aggregate, fine aggregate and powder), water and additives are added from the top of the concrete mixer. The counter-rotating stirring tool ensures the homogeneity and high efficiency of stirring. The concrete mixer mixing arm is streamlined so that the material is forced to do horizontal and vertical cross movements in the mixing drum. After mixing, the material is discharged from the mixing drum through the discharge door.

    concrete mixer price in kenya

    Rely on high mixing performance, the concrete mixer machine produced by Haomei Machinery is suitable for:
    1, Solid waste treatment industry;
    2, Environmental protection material (sludge treatment) industry;
    3, Refractory materials and their ceramics industry;
    4, Mixing of similar mixtures such as asphalt and limestone;
    5, Commercial concrete and high performance concrete.

    Although the concrete mixer price in kenya offerd by Haomei Machinery is low, the quality is still very high. The concrete mixer can work on an empty platform and can work in any environment. There are no special strict requirements for humid, dusty and other environments, but the fluidity of lubricating oil, hydraulic oil and additives should be guaranteed at low temperature. The concrete mixer is also suitable for outdoor work, but the electrical components must be waterproofed.