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Mixer Machine For Concrete

Writer:Admin   Time:22/03/07

    The mixer machine for concrete is the heart of concrete batching plant, and its models and types are different. The twin shaft concrete mixer machine is generally the mixing host of commercial concrete mixing stations, high-speed railway mixing stations and engineering mixing stations. The model of JS twin shaft concrete mixer machine are js500, js1000, js1500, js2000, js3000 and js4000.

    mixer machine for concrete

    Regarding to the structure of mixer machine for concrete, JS twin shaft concrete mixer is mainly composed of mixing system, feeding system, unloading system and electrical system. The mixing system is inlaid with spare parts such as lining plate, mixing shaft, mixing arm, mixing blade, etc., which are all vulnerable parts. So users should carefully check the brand quality of the components of the mixing system when purchasing concrete mixer equipment. In addition, there are also the hoisting mechanism, the feeding dragon frame, the hopper, the feeding nozzle, etc., which constitute the feeding system of the concrete mixer machine, and the discharging door, air pump, reversing valve, air distribution valve, air cylinder, electric, etc. of the discharging system. The electrical system of twin shaft concrete mixer has the functions of short circuit protection and overload protection, which can ensure the normal and stable operation of the entire concrete mixer equipment.

    In the production of our mixer machine for concrete equipment, our concrete mixer molds are formed by precision casting at one time, and through carburizing treatment, each set of molds can be replaced in use. So that our high-quality concrete mixer equipment can efficiently complete the production goals of our users' concrete mixers and achieve the production tasks of our users. Different concrete manufacturers have different production processes, and the brands and quality of spare parts selected cannot be exactly the same. The price of concrete mixers is also different. Users cannot choose only by price.