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Wet Mixed Concrete Batching Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:22/01/25

    If you want to choose a set of wet mixed concrete batching plant suitable for your own project, then you first need to understand the parts of the concrete batching plant. The wet type concrete batching plant is mainly composed of a mixing host, a material weighing system, and a material conveying system, material storage system and control system.


    The mixing system of the wet mixed concrete batching plant includes the main engine and the main cover, which are connected together by bolts, and the middle is sealed with soft plastic foam. The main engine of HZS concrete batching plant adopts JS twin-shaft forced concrete mixer, which is fixed on the main frame. This concrete mixing machine is suitable for mixing various types of concrete with aggregate particle size less than 800mm. The concrete discharge door of the mixing host is controlled by the oil cylinder and is equipped with two limit switches as the input signal of the microcomputer. The main concrete mixer cover is provided with aggregate feed ports, cement, fly ash feed ports, water and admixture feed pipes, dust removal ports, etc. The aggregate feed port is connected with the main machine cover by bolts, and the other feed ports. The canvas cover is connected to each measuring bucket. There is also an observation door on the main machine cover, which is convenient for observing the working condition and maintenance of the concrete mixer.


    The wet mixed concrete batching plant adopts a modular structure design, which makes installation and demolition more convenient, and the operation is safe, comfortable and reliable. The product has good mixing effect and high production efficiency. The control system adopts a computer control room, which is always tracked and managed, safe and reliable, and is easier to maintain.