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Concrete Mixer Price South Africa

Writer:Admin   Time:22/02/09

    The concrete mixer price south africa offered by Haomei Machinery is really reasonable and competitive compared with local price. The forced concrete mixer includes a mixing drum. The mixing drum is equipped with a mixing shaft. The mixing shafts at the two end walls of the mixing drum are each installed with a side arm for cleaning the end wall. The middle of the mixing shaft between the two arms. A set of spirally arranged stirring arms are installed on both sides of the point. The two sets of stirring arms are arranged from the end arm to the middle arm in the axial direction, and are arranged from the end arm to the middle arm in the rotation direction. The top ends of the arms are fixed with stirring blades, and the two arms respectively lag behind the end arms of the stirring arms on the same side in the arrangement of the rotation direction.

    concrete mixer price south africa

    The concrete mixer price south africa is reflected on the performance of concrete mixer, to improve the service life of twin shaft concrete mixer, there are several methods:
    (1) The concrete aggregate to be mixed should be strictly screened, and the maximum particle size should not exceed the allowable value to prevent material jamming. The material added to the mixing drum during each stirring should not exceed the specified feeding capacity to avoid power overload.
    (2) The gap between the mixing blade and the bottom and side walls of the mixing drum should be checked frequently to see if it meets the specified requirements. When the gap exceeds the standard, the residual material layer bonded to the cylinder wall and the cylinder bottom will be too thick, which will increase the difficulty of cleaning and reduce the stirring efficiency. If the stirring blade is worn, it should be adjusted, repaired or replaced in time.

    Check the concrete mixer price south africa, after the machine is unpacked, check whether the geared motor, barrel, bearing seat, etc. are damaged during transportation, and whether the fasteners are loose. If they are loose, they should be tightened. The supporting foundation should be a flat concrete floor. On the rack, it cannot be tied on the stirring shaft. There are casters under the base of the concrete mixer, which can be moved arbitrarily.