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1 Cubic Meter Concrete Mixer For Sale

Writer:Admin   Time:22/02/14

    The weight of 1 cubic meter concrete mixer for sale is 8700kg, the feed capacity is 1600L, and the output capacity is 1000L. Therefore, this type of 1 cubic meter concrete mixer is often used in medium-sized batching plants, such as hzs50 batching plant and hzs60 batching plant. All types of concrete batching plants are medium-sized batching plants, and the final output of concrete is different according to the different models of the concrete batching machine they are equipped with. The theoretical output of JS1000 concrete mixer is 60 cubic meters per hour. It belongs to the twin-shaft forced concrete mixer series. It can be used to mix various types of concrete such as dry-hardness and plasticity. It is also an ideal equipment for construction projects and small and medium-sized prefabricated component factories.

    1 cubic meter concrete mixer for sale

    The price of 1 cubic meter concrete mixer for sale: Generally speaking, the price of the forced 1 cubic meter concrete mixer is different because of different configurations and manufacturers. The specific configuration such as the discharge method and the discharge height all affect the price of the concrete mixer. The most important thing is the quality of the equipment, which is the main factor affecting the price of the 1 m3 concrete mixer. Large manufacturers of the same type of forced JS1000 concrete mixer are more expensive than ordinary small concrete mixer manufacturers. This is because the quality and performance of the concrete mixers of large manufacturers are more guaranteed than small manufacturers.



    1 cubic meter concrete mixer for sale can be used as hzs50 concrete batching plant and host. Generally, small concrete mixer manufacturers produce a js1000 concrete mixer. Hoamei Machinery is a Henan concrete mixing equipment manufacturer and a leading enterprise of concrete mixing equipment. The concrete mixer is divided into thick shaft and thin shaft according to the user's area. According to the user's needs, there are also sicoma type and planetary reducer type.