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Concrete Machine Mixer

Writer:Admin   Time:22/02/17

    The concrete machine mixer device includes a through shaft and a transmission device, which is connected to a power device, and a volume is arranged on the cylinder body by the transmission device of the femoral artery of the cylinder body. Concrete mixer is a machine that mixes cement, aggregate and water into concrete mixture. It is mainly composed of mixing tank, feeding and unloading device, water supply system, prime mover, transmission device, frame and supporting equipment.

     concrete machine mixer

    After the concrete machine mixer works, the mixing drum rotates around the horizontal axis, and the material of the mixing drum is added, and the blades all reach a certain height, which is reduced by weight, so the mixing effect is required in the movement cycle. The concrete mixer has a simple structure and works with plastic concrete. The concrete mixing line speed of the mixing blade is fast, the wear resistance is good, the energy consumption is low, and the development is rapid. Adopting new mixing technology, the concrete mixer machine can adapt to different needs of concrete mixing, and has a compact structure and beautiful appearance. The twin shaft concrete mixer machine have double superiority, it can be used as a stand-alone operation, and can also be used as a supporting host of the concrete batching plant.


    The linear speed of the mixing blade of the concrete machine mixer is small, the wear resistance is good, the energy consumption is low, and the development is fast. The rotating shaft arm frame in the mixing drum of the concrete mixer is equipped with a mixing blade, and the material added into the mixing drum will form a cross flow under the strong stirring of the mixing blade. This mixing method is far more powerful than other mixing methods, and is mainly suitable for mixing dry and hard concrete.