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1.5 Cubic Meters Concrete Mixer

Writer:Admin   Time:22/02/21

    When purchasing 1.5 cubic meters concrete mixer, many users only think about bargaining, and only stare at manufacturers with low quotations, thinking that this is a big advantage. In fact, it is not the case. When purchasing a 1.5 m3 concrete mixer, you must not just look at the price. The following points are the key!


    1, When purchasing 1.5 cubic meters concrete mixer, technical performance is the first consideration.

    Only the concrete mixer with excellent technical performance can have high production efficiency and good mixing quality. When users buy JS1500 concrete mixer, they should put technical performance in the first place. Generally speaking, the JS1500 concrete mixer with high performance, low energy consumption and perfect technical design process is relatively expensive, but the failure rate is low and the income level is high.


    2, When purchasing a JS1500 concrete mixer, the after-sales service of the manufacturer is very important.

    No matter what kind of mixing equipment is used for a long time, there will be more or less some problems, and the same is true for the JS1500 concrete mixer. For example, Haomei Machinery have a complete after-sales service from the manufacturer. Once the equipment fails, the manufacturer will send professional maintenance personnel to repair it in time without delaying the use of users. In addition, Haomei Machinery manufacturers have sufficient stock for some vulnerable parts all year round. Once the user has a purchase demand, the manufacturer can supply it in time to ensure that the user's concrete mixer can work normally without affecting the production efficiency of the concrete mixer.


    3, To buy a 1.5 cubic meters concrete mixer, the manufacturer's production process is very important

    Different manufacturers have different production processes, and the brands and quality of spare parts selected cannot be exactly the same. The price of JS1500 concrete mixer is also different, and users cannot choose only by price. Haomei Machinery manufacturer has obtained the national new-type main shaft seal in the main shaft seal of the JS1500 concrete mixer, which can effectively prevent slurry leakage, protect the mixing main shaft, and prolong the service life of the mixer, the price will definitely be higher.