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Cheap Concrete Mixer Twin Shaft

Writer:Admin   Time:21/09/26

    The double-horizontal-shaft forced cheap concrete mixer is often used as the main machine of the mixing plant. The importance of its quality is self-evident. Haomei Machinery strictly controls every double-horizontal-shaft forced concrete mixer that leaves the factory.

    1, Check the appearance of the double horizontal-shaft forced concrete mixer. The paint surface is smooth, no more than 3 traces per square, no color difference, flat welding seam, no undercut, sheet welding, slag and other welding defects.
    2, The steel wire rope of the double horizontal forced concrete mixer must not be scrapped, such as rust, broken wire, flattened, etc. The safety hook on the machine body and the lifting lugs on the hopper should be intact. When the hopper is raised, the safety hook should be hung.
    3, The double horizontal shaft forced cheap concrete mixer platform must be leveled on the same plane, and the lower legs must be of the same length to ensure that the contact surface is consistent and level when making the foundation.
    4, The control box of the double horizontal forced concrete mixer should be set with "one machine, one gate, one leakage, one box" leakage protector parameter is 30MA×0.1S, the motor insulation resistance value should be greater than 0.5MΩ; the protection zero line should not be less than two. At the place, the console instrument and indication signal are accurate and reliable. The transmission mechanism, working device, clutch and brake should be fastened, flexible and reliable, with complete protective covers.
    5, The double horizontal shaft forced cheap concrete mixer needs to be energized to test the machine to ensure that the main shaft of the concrete mixer rotates correctly, the hopper is normal and smooth up and down, and the discharge door opens and closes lightly.