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HZS35 Concrete Batching Plant In Winter Also Can Be Used Normally

Writer:Admin   Time:15/01/29

     We all know that many of the devices are required for maintenance and repair, and some large-scale mechanical engineering equipment maintenance when there are still points of the season. In the summer and winter maintenance of the road maintenance is not the same. How HZS35 concrete batching plant time to stand in the winter maintenance, road maintenance machine protection Fortune Small HZS35 concrete mixing station can also be safe and correct winter production.

    Haomei specializing in production and supply of various types of concrete mixers, concrete mixing plant, concrete batching plant, cement silo and other concrete mixing station equipment, we know that due to seasonal reasons, after the concrete mixing station operation, after the operator of that day's work in the Gini system is needed the stirring devices inside and outside the tank wall fouling, the discharge port at stirring shaft and the residue discharge gate on the cleanup work, you can use these devices to the water to wash room, if necessary, can be put into a small amount of gravel and water, stirring after ten minutes to put out. Water for washing cars, additional agents and for the system box. These are the day after you run the play needs to be done.
    After the end of the winter, you need to run the equipment is required to put the best pumps, additional coolant pump, water tank, additional agents inside the water tank and residues, so in the cold season to set damage to the pump and piping, but also need to start additional coolant pump water pump operation for about a minute, these are winter road maintenance HZS35 concrete mixing station.Small concrete batching plant standing winter if it does not use the words of their construction equipment needs of each instrument must be turned twice a week, and the time required for half an hour each boot. This prevents winter HZS35 concrete mixing station for long periods of use cause frostbite, or will not start the boot phenomenon.