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How to choose cement silo for 60m3 concrete batching plant

Writer:Admin   Time:20/07/13

      How to choose a cement silo for a 60m3 concrete batching plant? Generally speaking, the models of cement silos are not matching those of concrete plants as batching machines and concrete mixers do. The types of cement silos are first distinguished according to the storage capacity. There are big and small types, and small-scale cement bins of 30t, 50t, 80t, and 100t can be used in small concrete mixing plants. A 60M3 plant might be equipped with 50-100t cement silos.

      Except for capacity, cement silo for concrete batching plant is also divided by installation forms.

      1. Piece-type cement silos

      It is difficult for the cement silo to pack at the outlet, to make the cylinder on site, to transfer to the construction site, and to transport the cement silo with ultra-high width. The piece-type cement silo (cement tank) meets the industry standard. The discharging height is 1.96 meters and 4.2 meters, which can also be processed according to the requirements of users.

      2. Integral- cement silos

      The integral cement silo is a kind of closed bin for storing materials, which is suitable for storing grain, cement, fly ash and other materials. The bin body is equipped with a material level system, which can display the position and quantity of materials. The top of the bin is equipped with a safety valve. Under the circumstances, the cement bin body is safe. The dust removal device is installed on the top of the bin to avoid dust pollution. The arch breaking device can remove the knot caused by the material deposition for too long Real.

      3. Horizontal cement silos

      The horizontal cement silo is of cylindrical structure designed especially for mobile concrete batching plants. The bottom of the silo is supported by four round pipe legs. The whole silo is made of steel structure by welding. The top of the silo is equipped with dust remover and pressure safety valve. The horizontal cement silo is in line with the industry standard, the warehouse body is made of steel plate and groove hoop, and the leg is assembled and welded with national standard pipe.

      How many cement silos should a 60m3 concrete batching plant be equipped with?

      Generally 2-3 silos based on the number of powder materials needed for the type of concrete to be produced.