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How to choose mini mobile batching plant

Writer:Admin   Time:19/07/02

      The mini mobile batching plant has become ubiquitous in civil construction. If you want to invest in such a plant, you should first know how to choose one. As a leading batching plant manufacturer in Henan, China, we have tips as below.   

    You should first learn about the configuration of a mini mobile batching plant. The plant consists of a mixing mainframe, a concrete batching machine, a cement silo and a screw conveyor. It has a complete automatic weighing system, which is divided into weighing system for aggregate, powder and liquid weighing. The weighing system is controlled by electronic scale and microcomputer. The accuracy of aggregate weighing is ≤2%, and the weighing accuracy of cement, powder, water and admixture can reach ≤1%. The models of mini mobile batching plant are available in hzs25, hzs35, hzs50, etc., where h stands for "mixed", z stands for "station", s stands for "double-shaft mixer", and the numbers below represent hourly production capacity, such as hzs25 Refers to a mixing station with an average production capacity of 25 cubic meters per hour.   

    Then how to choose a suitable mini mobile batching plant? First, you should check quality. Some new and small concrete batching plant manufacturers do not have the core production technology of small mixing stations themselves. They simply purchase some low-quality and cheap mixing station equipment from other manufacturers and sell them to users. There is neither technical support nor corresponding after-sales support. Second, check the price. In the mini mobile batching plant manufacturers, it is inevitable that there are some unscrupulous small factories who promote plants by “super low prices” yet have no guarantee for quality. Thus factory reputation is of great importance. Credibility is the basis of cooperation. If the reputation of the manufacturer in the industry is not good, then there is no way to solve disputes and after-sales problems.