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Mobile concrete batching plant china

Writer:Admin   Time:20/01/14

      A mobile concrete batching plant china has been designed to save time and cost of foundation by gathering basic units of the plant into modules. It’s also known as a foundation-free concrete mixing station in China. At present, there are two types of such plants in the country: hopper lifting type and belt-type stations. The word “foundation-free” does not mean that no foundation is needed, but that relative task is reduced substantially. The ground is still need to be hardened, and there is still a shallow foundation underneath. However, there is no need for a deep foundation like with a fixed concrete plant, which reduces the investment in manpower.

      Except the layout and transportation mode, a portable concrete batching plant has no difference from that of an ordinary mixing station. Its equipment composition is basically the same as that of a stationary concrete mixing plant. Its features are as below.

      1. All equipment components are placed on a thick steel structure chassis. On the one hand, this increases the equipment stability and force area, but on the other, the plant weight rises, too, together with the difficulty of transporting and moving the mixing station.

      2. The mixing unit and the metering unit adopt a frame structure. The two are connected together by bolts, and the walking table is connected by an articulation method. It can be folded along the hinge point during transportation to reduce the transportation space.

      3. The electrical system adopts the form of quick plug connector, which reduces the installation cycle of the equipment.

      4. The installation of the base frame can be realized through different connection forms, and it is more convenient to design different non-standard mixing stations according to the customer's site situation.

      In summary, although the mobile concrete batching plant china has many advantages, it is only suitable for engineering use, especially some working conditions are relatively restricted, and the site is not suitable for basic area use. In spite of avoidance in foundation, cost in both equipment and delivery gets higher.

      At present, Haomei produces the foundation-free mixing station: hopper lifting type, belt type, mobile, modular foundation-free mobile concrete batching plant. If you are interested in this equipment, customers are welcome to come to consult or order or inspect the factory. The entire staff of Haomei Machinery will serve you wholeheartedly!