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Batching machine is an important configurine of concrete plant

Writer:Admin   Time:17/11/03

     The batching equipment of concrete mixer consists with several hoppers and corresponding dispenser, horizontal aggregate belt conveyor, rack and so on. It is an important part of concrete mixing station, whether it is standard concrete batching plant or simple concrete batching plant is indispensable.

    What role of batching machine in the concrete plant plays on ?

    The horizontal aggregate belt conveyor is placed below the dispenser, and the materials allocated by the dispenser are concentrated onto the aggregate belt conveyor. Rationing machine is generally composed of hopper, discharge door, batching belt conveyor and drive components, hopper is welded by steel plate, usually in the upper periphery of a baffle, to increase the capacity of the hopper; bucket wall is arranged on the silo wall vibrator, to eliminate material arching phenomenon. An inclined grid is also installed on the top of the hopper to prevent the feeding of the ore with too large particle size into the hopper when the loader is loading, which affects the feeding performance.

    The professional batching plant manufacturer need to remind you that the inside of the hopper must be equipped with a forced arch break device, the broken arch hopper must install grid, in order to ensure safe production. The discharging gate is installed in the lower part of the hopper is opened, regulating the feeding amount of height can change the proportioning belt conveyor, belt conveyor batching speed motor or hydraulic motor through reducer drive, a tensioning device of belt conveyer rear.It used to adjust the tension of the belt conveyor belt deviation and correction.