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Concrete Batching Plant Maintenance Checklist

Writer:Admin   Time:22/07/15

    Professional concrete plant operators keep concrete batching plant maintenance checklist in their mind to finish the work well. After the installation and commissioning of the concrete batching plant, the continuous work began. If you want the concrete batching plant equipment to work efficiently for a long time, you need to maintain and check the batching plant, which can prolong the service life and ensure safe operation.

    concrete batching plant maintenance checklist

    The concrete batching plant maintenance checklist consist of maintenance and check work as the name suggest. After the concrete batching plant equipment has been working for a period of time, the connecting bolts in the main concrete mixing machine and the connecting bolts on the feeding rack may become loose; the drinking water pipeline of the water pump is not smooth; there is a problem with the tightness of the belt, the belt roller is sticky, and the belt is deviated; after long-term use, the fuselage may shake and cause some problems such as instability. Before each use, you need to check it, find problems, and repair them in time to avoid small problems causing big harm.

    In addition, concrete batching plant maintenance is required after each use. After the equipment is used, it is necessary to rinse the places where dust is easy to accumulate dust with water; drain the water in the water supply system, cut off the water and electricity, and lock the electrical control box.

    Weekly and periodic inspections are also required before and after use, and after things are done. In fact, the inspections are still water and electricity, wearing parts, wear parts, bolt tightness, oil pump oil volume, shaft end seals, all switches, etc. The reason why these items are checked repeatedly at different time periods is because of fear there are hidden dangers in some places, once it is not checked out, you can also check it out through investigation, repair it, and eliminate hidden dangers. Small hidden dangers, big damage, let us pay attention to the concrete batching plant maintenance checklist.