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Concrete Batching Plant Supplier

Writer:Admin   Time:23/02/16

    Concrete batching plant supplier regard product quality as their life and win customers with reputation. Haomei Machinery's concrete batching plant products take the lead in passing the 9001:2008 quality management system certification and EU CE certification in the same industry. The HZS concrete batching plant is included in the list of recommended products by the Construction Machinery Association. It was rated as one of the top ten brands of concrete mixers.

    The mixing silo of the concrete batching plant includes mixing of powdery materials when blowing into the silo, mixing of sand and stone, mixing of different types of sand and gravel, etc. The prevention method: the silo must be marked clearly and correctly, and each soot blowing port must be marked with a special sign, and each soot blowing port must be locked. Raw materials of different varieties must be classified and stacked in different places.

    The cement silo of the concrete batching plant is mostly a cylindrical structure, and the whole silo is supported by four round tube legs at the bottom, and the whole silo is welded with steel. The top is equipped with a dust collector and a pressure safety valve to prevent dust from leaking; the bottom is equipped with an arch breaking device to prevent dust from agglomerating. It is generally used as a supporting product of a concrete mixing plant. It has the characteristics of rainproof, moisture-proof, and easy to use. The specifications and dimensions of the product can be made according to customer requirements.

    When the pressure of the air compressor of the concrete batching plant rises slowly and is accompanied by oil leakage, it indicates that the piston ring of the air compressor has been severely worn and should be replaced in time. When the intake valve is damaged or the air filter is clogged, the pressure of the air compressor will rise slowly (but there is no oil leakage). When checking, you can put your palm on the air inlet of the air filter. If there is hot air coming out, it means that the air inlet valve is damaged and needs to be replaced; if the suction is small, it is usually caused by the dirty air filter, the treatment is clean or replace filter.