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Concrete Mixer 750 Liter

Writer:Admin   Time:23/03/02

    The actual output of the concrete mixer 750 liter per hour is 35 cubic meters, and the output of a tank is about 0.75 cubic meters of concrete, but the actual output is generally not reached. The feeding capacity of concrete mixer 750L is 1200L, the discharging capacity is 750L, and the discharging height is 1.6m, 2.7m, 3.8m, this is not fixed, and different heights can be customized according to the needs of users. The 750 liter concrete mixer has the advantages of low noise, stable operation, convenient operation and movement, good mixing quality and high production efficiency.

    concrete mixer 750 liter

    The mixing system of concrete mixer 750 liter is composed of motor, pulley, reduction box, gear, mixing device, mixing drum and so on. The main motor is connected to the two-stage gear reduction box through a belt, and finally drives two horizontally arranged stirring shafts to rotate at the same speed in opposite directions through two split gears. The JS750 concrete mixer adopts seals and aggregate frame oil seals and hydraulic system oil supply side pumps. Through the function of the two skeleton oil seals, it can effectively ensure the good working environment of the bearings and ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

    Haomei Machinery produces and sells various types of concrete mixers. The concrete mixer 750 liter quality is reliable, the workmanship is excellent, and new and old customers are welcome to come to the factory to order. The batch purchase of equipment will also enjoy a huge preferential policy! The concrete mixer developed by Haomei Machinery is generally used as the main machine in the concrete mixing plant. It has the advantages of uniform mixing, simple structure, reliable operation and easy maintenance, and can meet the mixing needs of various types of concrete. The large, medium and small concrete mixers it produces are sold all over the world and are well received by customers.