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From The Mobile Concrete Batching Plant To Analysis Modern Architecture's Influence

Writer:Admin   Time:15/03/02

    Effective mobile concrete batching plant in Algeria practices not only increase production time and equipment availability, but also maximise the company profit by reducing several costs such as those from costly downtime (Edwards et al., 1998a). However, researches in the field of equipment management practice, particularly in the construction context, have been rare (Edwards et al., 1998b). This research was conducted in order to investigate current practices and problems on equipment management as well as to identify practices that are capable of mitigating equipment management problems from Thai highway contractor’s perspectives. Since machine weight is one of the major indicators of equipment downtime and maintenance cost (Edwards et al., 2000a, b; Edwards et al., 2002), only five types of heavy construction equipment were selected in this study . It is believed that a study on heavy equipment management practices would contribute great benefits for highway contractors in helping them manage heavy equipment successfully.
    In previous years concrete mixing plants were known to contribute to pollution of the air with their raising of concrete dust; however concrete mixing plants are no longer designed to behave in this manner. The onsite and stationary concrete mixing plant is most beneficial when completing small projects, such as building new rooms for properties and laying small patios.
    The mobile batching plant manufactured by Rapid International, is the first of its kind in the UK to be purchased by a contractor. The plant allows consistent high output and quality concrete to be produced. The batching plant is fully mobile making it ideal for projects in remote areas as concrete is mixed on-site reducing transport and installation costs. The Rapidbatch includes Rapid's very own 3 cubic metre twin shaft mixer which produces a very high quality homogeneous concrete mix. Short mixing times allows for increased production, up to 120 m³ of concrete per hour. The Rapidbatch 120 has a compact modular arrangement that can be fully erected within only 1 working day.
    The composition of concrete batch plant could be five main parts which are the mixing console, material weighing system, material handling systems, material storage systems and control systems. However, there are also some other ancillary facilities which are very important for this kind of concrete batching plants. In that kind of situation, people should pay more attention to the maintenance of each part of this batch plant because the problem of each part would have direct impact on the overall operation of mobile concrete batching plant. All of information is the detailed introduction about the maintenance.