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HaoMei Concrete Batching Plant And Other Products Into The Africa Market

Writer:Admin   Time:15/02/06

     Africa's first export market, the main products involved in concrete mixing plant , tower cranes, disposable sold to Nigeria, product quality and timely sent to the user's hand, highly praised the construction side.

    Features of Belt type concrete batching plant
    1. Reliability: nearly 30 years of experiences in manufacturing portable concrete batch plant;
    2. Adopt belt conveyor feeding system, without stop, high efficiency.
    3. Double shaft forced mixer, excellent mixing performance with high efficiency;
    4. Excellent environmental protection, dust collection system and anti-noise design.
    5. Accurate weighing system (aggregate, cement, water, additive).
    6. PC+PLC control, vivid display on the screen, convenient to revise, save or print the data.
    HaoMei related production enterprises attach great importance to the climate characteristics of the product for service to the geographical environment, construction conditions and the specific requirements of long-distance maritime transport, the development of rigorous and reliable production, packing solutions, and product components corrosion treatment, take user-friendly packaging, packing, solid program to ensure the safety of products, reliable transportation, to ensure that products arrive undamaged hands of users.
    This year, the party HaoMei in active service in the domestic market, focusing on the development and expansion of the international market, has organized a special team to participate in the International Construction Machinery Exhibition in Paris, France, Russia and the International Construction Machinery Exhibition, took the opportunity to showcase corporate image and product image and expand the influence of the international market, promote the building of an international marketing network. In addition, the focus on strengthening market services to create excellent service brand as the goal, to think of the users, to humanity, fine, systematic market network services to win market space, so a firm foothold in the fierce market competition.
    With the HaoMei products abroad and exported to Europe, Asia, Africa and dozens of countries and regions, HaoMei products again and again withstood all kinds of different construction conditions, climate, quality standards, safety requirements of the test, highly praised the construction side, so as to HaoMei product "the world and win the future," to lay the foundation to develop a more broad space for development.