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How To Choose The Optimal Configuration Of Stationary Concrete Batching Plant ?

Writer:Admin   Time:16/04/06

    Stationary concrete batching plant efficiency for production equipment models, HZS90 batch plant stand productivity is 90 m after/h.The productivity is the theory of productivity, due to the actual production process will encounter a number of factors, the actual productivity is generally about 70% of the theory of productivity.Determine the model should be in accordance with the size of the quantities, construction period, within the production capacity of equipment, to consider concrete amount of a certain period of time.

    Current product concrete mixing station is used frequently in twin shaft concrete mixer, this mixer compared with the vertical shaft, the agitator shaft low speed, short-distance moving material, liner wear of the blade is reduced, reducing energy consumption. Since the full blade shearing and compression of the concrete, the improved quality of the stirring, stirring 30-45S time to complete. Therefore, choosing the right product is very important concrete mixing station.