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How To Choose The Use Of Cement Concrete Mixing Plant?

Writer:Admin   Time:15/04/29

     1, the choice of varieties of cement mainly based on the characteristics of concrete mixing plant structure, engineering environment and construction conditions.

    2, choose high C3S, low C3A (< 8%), low alkali content (< 1%), moderate than surface (3400 cm2 / g ~ 3600 g/cm2), good grain size distribution of cement.
    3, the rational use of different grade of cement.When mixed flow under the C40 concrete application 32.5 Mpa's silicon cement;Preparation of C40 above.their high-performance concrete application of 42.5 Mpa Portland cement or silicon cement.
    4, for different uses of the correct choice of concrete cement varieties, such as requiring strong or early winter construction as far as possible R silicate cement, mass concrete using slag cement or ordinary Portland cement.
    Of cement concrete mixer role
    during pumping effect:
    Concrete pumping pressure by which the liquid mass transfer. Liquid substances carrying a solid phase material to move together in order to complete the pumping. Of the cement has two aspects, one cementation, the concrete substance to maintain a solid phase is surrounded by the pumping liquid state of matter; the second is the lubrication, the mechanical part of the mobile concrete batching plant and pumps, pipelines and internal concrete the frictional resistance reduction while having good flowability.