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how to extend the service life of concrete batching plant

Writer:Admin001   Time:13/03/04

     To  have a high work effiency of concrete batching plant,we need to konw the maintance of it to extend its service life. We have studied this for a long time and it includes two aspects.


    One is lubricating the shaft of batching plant manufacturer when it works every single time to guarantee it can operate normally.lubbricating the parts of it in regular time.


    Another one is extending the system of concrete batching plant.The mixing drum operates smoothly.Liner and leaves is not looseing.Replace them if dameged immediately. Liner,blades, scraper, mixing arm wear to a certain extent or can not be adjusted, must be replaced promptly.Clean the sticky stains on the concrete mixer regularly when the cement mixer on the inner wall of the more sticky thicker nont only the mixer volume to reduce but also the speed of sticky concrete will be accelerated.The feed hopper door will have obstacle because materials bonding the gravel under the spout .The cement feed opening is getting smaller and smaller because the bonding of the water vapor, resulting in feeding difficulties and therefore should be cleaned regularly.Admixtures feeding pipeline may have to be cleaned on a regular basis because precipitation and solidification will feed lowed or cause blockage.


    If you do this,you can lengthen the service life of cncrete batching plant.And welcome to place an order for our products.We are Haomei Machinery Equipment Co.,LTD.We adhere to the policy of "QUALITY FIRST AND INTEGRITY WINS"to cooperate with clients from all over the world. Seeking for long-term relationship and mutual benefit is our unstoppable goal.