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The way to judge the quality of concrete batching plant

Writer:haomei   Time:13/03/05

    There must be a lot of problems before you buy the concrete batching plant.For instance,the service life,the quality and the label.Now,to help you to reslove the questions,I will give you some advice about how to judge the quality of the  batching plant.
    We should know the structure of the concrete batching plant.It is composed of several parts.Therefore,if these components do not have quality problem,the whole ready-mixed concrete mixing plant is a good quality in general.
    If the concrete mixer is a self falling one,its discharging retaining has a circular run-out less than 1% of feeding hole diameter.Do not forget check the quality of vibrating screen steel bar,vibrating
    screen saize and inspect the installation accuracy of screen.
    The operationof transmission syetem should be flexible and do not have abnormal noise.
    The ribbon conveyer,bucket elevator and cantilever dragline should be steady and oprate flexibly.And there should be no chain blocked and abnormal noises.
    hecking the weighing wystem is also important.The accuracy and sensitivity of weighing system should be checked.
    Do notice the lifting temperature of reducer and it should be reach to the temperature specification.
    Measuring hopper should be smooth when feeding and discharging.Make sure there is no flash and buildup.
    The safety valve should not have phenomena of air leakage.
    The cement dump should be qualified.
    The installation of circuit should be reasonable and the installation of the concrete batching plant should be correct.
    All above are the way to judge the superior quality of concrete batch plant.We have done these productions for many years.We expect your inquiry.Selling is not the end, but the beginning of the service.We adhere to the policy of "QUALITY FIRST AND INTEGRITY WINS"to cooperate with clients from all over the world. Seeking for long-term relationship and mutual benefit is our unstoppable goal.



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