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The working principle of concrete plant

Writer:haomei   Time:13/03/06

    The concrete plant has a lot of parts and accessories.As a general rule, it includes aggregatebatchers,converyors,batching plant conctrols and so on.Next,we will talk about how these accessories work together to form concrete.Knowing the operating principle can help you to operate the concrete plant better.The followings are the details about it.
    Concrete plant is divided into four parts:gravel feeding,power feeding,water and admixture feeding and transmission and storage.After control system of concrete plant is charged with electricity,thesystem proceed the initialization,which including fromula,concrete level,slumps production and so on.
    Test each bunker and the weighing hopper according to weighing syetem.And the signal of output material empty or material amount to prompt operator to make sure wehther to start control progarm or not.Started sand and stone belt motor feed the material into the weighing hopper.
    Open the valve of fly ash and cement tank and and start spiral machine motor to convey fly ash and cement to the weighing hopper.Open control valve of water sump and admixture sump to make water and admixture flow into weighing hopper.
    After the measurement meet the setting requirements,the door of weighing hopper is opened automatically.Then the materials will mixed by the concrete plant.And to setting time,open the door of concrete plant.Then,the concrete will flow into a concrete mixer truck.
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