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Wet Mix Concrete Batch Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:22/06/01

    Wet mix concrete batch plant is a kind of common seen concrete mixing equipment on the market compared with dry mix concrete batch plant. There are difference between wet mix concrete plant and dry mix concrete plant, let’s see them together!

    Wet mix concrete batching plant produce wet-mixed mixture formed by stirring all components including water. It can be used directly on the construction site, but it needs to be used up before the mortar coagulates, and the longest storage time is limited. More than 24h. Dry mix concrete batch plant is used for produce dry mixed mixture in which dry materials are mixed evenly, and it is supplied in bulk or in bags. The mortar needs to be mixed with water or supporting liquid at the construction site before use. Dry mix mortar has a longer storage period, usually 3 or 6 months. At present, wet mixed mortar is mostly produced by wet concrete mixing plants, while dry-mixed mortar is produced by dry concrete mixing plant equipment.

    wet mix concrete batch plant

    Because wet-mixed mortar is produced in the form of wet-mixing, it is not suitable for producing mortar with higher viscosity, so there are few types of mortar. At present, there are only mortar types such as masonry, plastering and ground. While dry mix concrete batch plant produce dry material and is not limited by the production method, so there are many varieties of mortar, but the variety of raw materials is much more than that of wet-mixed mortar, and it is much more complicated.

    The wet mix concrete batch plant and dry mix concrete batch plant have different transportation equipment. Wet-mixed mortar should be transported by a concrete mixer truck to ensure that the mortar will not be delaminated and segregated during transportation; bulk dry-mixed mortar is transported by tank truck, and bagged dry-mixed mortar is transported by car.