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The structure of concrete mixer machine for sale

Writer:Admin   Time:20/10/15

    The structure of concrete mixer machine for sale


    1, Mixer barrel

    The barrel of the concrete mixer machine for sale is the main body. It supports all the components and is used to hold the material. The mixing barrel is made of high-quality steel plate as a whole. The shape of the mixer is low, the space is spacious, and the mixing is easier, especially for high The mixing of performance concrete has overload capacity.


    2, Unloading device

    The concrete mixer machine is driven by a hydraulic system. Compared with the pneumatic transmission, it has the characteristics of compact structure, smooth movement, accurate positioning of the door, and the ability to open the door manually. The high-pressure oil generated by the oil pump system passes through the control system and is transferred to the cylinder by the high-pressure tubing drive the opening and closing of the material door to realize the arbitrary adjustment of the opening of the discharge door to achieve different discharge speeds.


    3, Lining device

    The liner of the concrete mixer includes arc liner and end liner. The arc liner is made of high chromium wear-resistant alloy, and its performance meets the requirements of JG/T5045.2-93 (HRC≥54, impact value≥7.0NM/mm2) , The end lining plate is made of high-quality high-manganese wear-resistant steel plate.


    4, Shaft end sealing device

    For horizontal-shaft concrete mixers, because the main shaft is immersed in the sand-gravel cement material with strong friction during work, if there is no effective shaft end seal, the main shaft will be quickly worn and destroyed, and the slurry will leak in severe cases, which will affect the level Match. The concrete mixer machine for sale adopts multiple shaft end seals, which can effectively prevent the mortar from leaking out. At the same time, the automatic lubrication system delivers lubricating grease. The grease pressure ensures the long-term reliability of the shaft end seal.