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Concrete Mixer Machine For Sale

Writer:Admin   Time:23/07/12

    With the continuous development of society, the demand for concrete is gradually increasing, and there are also more and more concrete mixers. However, the amount of concrete produced by different types of concrete mixer machine for sale is also different. So, what should be noted for the purchase of concrete mixer?

    The concrete mixer machine for sale is equipped with a mixing drum in a horizontal position and a rolling mixing arm connected to the mixing axis. It undergoes complex movements such as squeezing, shearing, impacting, and circular and axial free fall of the mixed materials. Due to the combined action of various forces and movements, the cement and coarse and fine aggregates in the mixing drum are stirred by the stirring blades to form homogeneous concrete. The models of concrete mixer machine offer a wide array of productivity per batch, mainly from 0.5 m3 to 4.0 m3, which meet the requirement of small to large construction projects.

    concrete mixer machine for sale

    The concrete mixer machine generally requires maintenance after 100 hours of operation. It is necessary to check and adjust the wear of various transmission parts, and replace them if they are severely worn. Before using the concrete mixer for sale, it is necessary to carry out a test operation according to the instruction manual to ensure normal operation of each part. Before each operation, it is necessary to check for any damage to the components and repair them in a timely manner if any damage is found.

    Regular attention and inspection should also be given to the concrete mixer machine for sale. When inspecting, it is necessary to cut off the power supply. It is strictly forbidden to repair and maintain the concrete mixer machine during operation. The cleanliness of the concrete mixer machine body must be ensured, and it is necessary to clean it after each use, so that the service life of the concrete mixer machine will be extended. After the concrete mixer starts, the driver must concentrate and must not leave the post without authorization.