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SICOMA Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

Writer:Admin   Time:23/07/06

     SICOMA twin shaft concrete mixer is top level forced twin shaft concrete mixer with longest service life and best mixing quality. The stirring blades are driven by the rotating motion of the agitator shaft to shear, squeeze, and mix the materials, allowing the materials to be fully blended in a relative vigorous motion. It is capable of stirring dry and rigid concrete, plastic concrete, flowing concrete, lightweight bone concrete, and various mortars. This type of machine is highly efficient and widely used. The product has a reasonable design structure, a novel layout, and is easy to use and maintain.

    sicoma twin shaft concrete mixer

    The structure of the sicoma twin shaft concrete mixer is very compact, consisting of double horizontal shafts, mixing arms, stirring blades, and other parts. The use of a new type of concrete mixer is more energy-efficient and greatly reduces pollution.
    1. The main stirring shaft of the concrete mixer uses anti-adhesive technology to effectively prevent cement from clumping on the shaft. The end seal of the shaft uses a common multiple seal structure, which effectively prevents mortar leakage and ensures the long-term operation of the entire mixing system.
    2. The stirring arm of the forced concrete mixer adopts a blade-type design, with low stirring resistance and low wear. The gap between the blade and the liner is small, which improves the stirring power and the service life of vulnerable parts.
    3. The lubrication system and the main shaft transmission system both use a complete set of imported original components. The hydraulic opening mechanism of the discharge gate can adjust the opening width according to needs.
    4. The cleaning system of sicoma twin shaft concrete mixer uses a high-pressure water pump for automatic and manual control. All water outlets are located directly above the main mixing shaft, improving the mixing power, adding mist, reducing dust pollution, and effectively removing cement clumps.