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New Concrete Mixers For Sale

Writer:Admin   Time:23/06/28

    Welcome to buy new concrete mixers for sale from Haomei Machinery, we have rich experience and great service. The JS series concrete mixers offered by Haomei Machinery have high mixing efficiency and long service life. Today let’s take the JS1000 twin shaft concrete mixer as example to tell you what are the technical advantages that the concrete mixer has. JS1000 concrete mixer belongs to medium-sized forced twin-shaft concrete mixer. This model can be used alone or combined with other equipment to form a HZS50 or HZS60 concrete batching plant. Due to the difference in discharge height and discharge method, the price and weight also vary. Customers in need can choose the suitable product according to their own needs.

    JS series new concrete mixers for sale is a new type of multi-functional concrete mixer with wide application range, good mixing quality, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, reasonable structure, convenient operation, fast discharge speed, and longer service life of lining plate and blades. It is easy to maintain and repair. Many customers will inspect whether the concrete mixer meets their requirements before making a purchase decision.


    new concrete mixers for sale

    JS1000 concrete mixer has multiple weights, and the data varies for different manufacturers. The total weight of JS1000 concrete mixer produced by Haomei Machinery is 11000kg. Haomei's concrete mixer models mainly include JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000, JS3000, JS4000, etc., which can be used alone or as the main machine in a concrete batching plant.

    When JS1000 concrete mixer is used as the main machine in a concrete batching plant, there are two feeding methods:
    1. Bucket feeding, using a hopper for feeding.
    2. Belt conveyor feeding, equipped with a belt conveyor for feeding, which can greatly increase the output of the concrete mixing station.

    Selection criteria for new concrete mixers for sale:
    1. Choose according to the user's total project volume and project duration.
    2. According to the actual needs of the construction project and the composition and viscosity of the concrete mixture, determine the selection.
    3. Refer to the type of concrete used in one's own engineering project.