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Horizontal Concrete Mixer

Writer:Admin   Time:23/06/15

    Horizontal concrete mixer refers to a type of mixing equipment that places the mixing cylinder horizontally. It can be divided into single-shaft horizontal concrete mixer and double-shaft horizontal concrete mixer. Horizontal concrete mixers are mostly used in thermal power generation, mining and metallurgy departments. They can be used for spraying and wet mixing of powdery materials, and can realize material transportation within a certain range.

    The twin shaft concrete mixer is a more commonly used horizontal concrete mixer at present. Compared with the single shaft concrete mixer, it has better performance. The twin shaft concrete mixer uses two helical blade shafts as the main mixing parts, and the mixing is completed during the process of conveying materials. The twin shaft concrete mixer can be used for humidification, mixing and conveying of materials containing solid particles in various industrial sectors.

    horizontal concrete mixer

    The double helical blade shaft design of the twin shaft concrete mixer fully utilizes the space of the cylinder, the stirring energy of the blades is released more completely, and the movement of the material is more sufficient. Therefore, compared with the single shaft concrete mixer, the twin-shaft mixer, The stirring time is short, the stirring effect is more uniform and the efficiency is higher.

    Another feature of the twin shaft concrete mixer is that the amount of wear is small. This is because the twin shaft structure of the twin shaft concrete mixer makes a large amount of materials concentrated between the two mixing shafts, and between the mixing arms, blades and bottom liner. The wear is relatively reduced, especially the blades in the main mixing zone are slightly worn, which can save a lot of operating costs.

    The material conveying capacity of the twin shaft horizontal concrete mixer is also stronger than that of the single shaft concrete mixer. After the mixing is completed, the material is basically transported and accumulated near the discharge door, which is convenient for unloading and cleaning, and is also conducive to the connection of the next link. When the twin shaft concrete mixer is unloading, the blades can rotate at a low speed, which can better remove the material in the barrel and avoid parabolic phenomenon.