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Concrete Mixer 1m3

Writer:Admin   Time:23/06/07

    The concrete mixer 1m3 is also called js1000 concrete mixer, 1 cubic meter concrete mixer, belonging to the forced concrete mixer series. Concrete mixer 1 cubic meter is often used as the host of HZS50 or 60 concrete batching plant, and it can also be used as a single machine. The theoretical output is 60 cubic meters of concrete in one hour.


    When the concrete mixer 1m3 starts to rotate, driven by the rotation of the blades, the materials put into the mixer roll up and down in the two mixing barrels, making regular circular motions. At the same time, the interaction between the blades The staggered positional relationship allows the mixture to change its position during stirring and rotation. At the position where the blades overlap, the mixture will move from one rotation plane to another rotation plane under the impetus of the blades and the agitation of the rotating shaft. Such a complex mixing process enables the mixture to be mixed and stirred more effectively and fully to achieve uniform mixing and ensure the mixing quality of the concrete.

    concrete mixer 1m3

    Precautions for buying a concrete mixer 1m3: 1m3 concrete mixer is often used as the main engine of HZS50 or 60 concrete batching plant, but I would like to remind everyone that if the concrete mixer 1 cubic meter purchased cannot meet these conditions, don’t buy it, and think again.

    1. The water supply error of 1 cubic meter concrete mixer should be qualified. The water supply error of 1 m3 concrete mixer should be less than or equal to 2. The variation error of water supply is less than or equal to 3.

    2. There are also certain requirements for the installation of the electrical box of the concrete mixer 1 cubic meter. The components in the electrical control box of the 1m3 concrete mixer should be arranged neatly, firmly connected, clearly routed, insulated and reliable. The electrical box should have waterproof, shockproof and dustproof measures, and the electrical box should have good grounding.

    3. The motor power used by a JS1000 concrete mixer is different from the concrete mixers produced by different manufacturers. Generally, concrete mixer 1 cubic meter is installed with a total of 37Kw. Unforeseen part 10Kw. It is recommended to install a 47KVA transformer.


    Everyone should pay attention to whether it can meet the above requirements when purchasing a concrete mixer 1m3