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Mini Mix Concrete Plant For Sale

Writer:Admin   Time:23/08/17

    The HZS50 concrete batching plant is a very popular model among mini mix concrete plant for sale, and is mostly used in engineering projects. This type of concrete batching plant uses a lifting bucket to feed materials, which occupies a small area and the overall price of the equipment is more affordable than the HZS60 concrete batching plant that also uses a 1m3 concrete mixer as the main engine. So what is the quotation of the hzs50 mini mix concrete plant?


    mini mix concrete plant for sale

    1. Configuration parameters of HZS50 mini mix concrete plant for sale
    HZS50 concrete batching plant is a complete set of semi-automatic concrete mixing equipment consisting of feeding, weighing, aggregate conveying, mixing, discharging, electrical control, and steel structural components. The theoretical production capacity of this type of concrete plant can reach 50 cubic meters per hour, of which the input volume is 1600L and the output volume is 1000L. The discharge height of HZS50 concrete batching plant is 2.7-3.8 meters (determined according to the height of the loading vehicle used), the main machine model is JS1000 twin-shaft forced concrete mixer (using the lifting bucket feeding method), and it is used in conjunction with PLD1600 batching machine (The number of batching machine bins can be customized according to user needs).

    2. The total power of HZS50 mini mix concrete plant
    The power of the stirring motor of the HZS50 mini concrete batching plant is 2X18.5KW, the power of the winch motor of the mixer is 15kw, and the power of the matching batching machine is (3-5)×5.5kw (the 3-5 refers to the batching machine number of aggregate bins), plus the power of other equipment, the total power of the whole set of HZS50 mini concrete batching plant is 127KW. For the transformer of the equipment, please configure it according to the total power of the whole concrete plant.

    3. Features of HZS50 mini concrete mixing plant
    As a twin-shaft forced mixing equipment, it has the advantages of less capital, small floor space, and simple equipment configuration. It can produce high-quality and efficient concrete under the condition of accurate metering by the batching machine. It is an ideal equipment for bridge construction sites, prefabricated component factories, and medium-sized building construction projects.

    If you want to know how much the HZS50 mini mix concrete plant costs, you must start with the configuration. The whole set of equipment of HZS50 mini mix concrete plant for sale includes JS1000 mixing main engine, PLD1600 concrete batching machine, screw conveyor, cement silo, metering system, control system, electrical system, etc., among which the host machine brand, equipment quality, batching machine configuration, the number of cement silos, and belts. The feeding method of the conveyor is the decisive factor that can determine its price, and the equipment configuration of each manufacturer is different, and the price given is also different.