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Large Capacity Concrete Mixer

Writer:Admin   Time:22/06/23

    The general models of large capacity concrete mixer are: JS1000 concrete mixer, JS1500 concrete mixer, JS2000 concrete mixer, JS3000 concrete mixer, JS4000 concrete mixer. It has a series of advantages such as uniform stirring, compact structure, beautiful appearance, stable operation, convenient operation and short cycle.

    large capacity concrete mixer

    The volume of concrete that the large capacity concrete mixer can mix per disc is called the output capacity of the concrete mixer. Feed capacity is the capacity that accumulates the volume of various materials before stirring, also known as dry material capacity. The volume of dry material that can be loaded at a time is called the feed capacity. The internal volume of the mixing drum is called the geometric capacity of the large concrete mixer. In order to make the mixing drum still have enough mixing space after charging, the ratio of the feeding capacity to the geometric capacity is generally 0.22~0.50, which is called the utilization coefficient of the mixing drum. The ratio of the discharge capacity to the feed capacity is called the discharge coefficient, which is generally 0.60~0.7.

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