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How to maintenance the commercial concrete mixing plant

Writer:Admin   Time:17/09/06

     Commercial concrete mixing plant enterprises in the actual production and operation, due to a variety of factors will inevitably occur in the concrete mixing plant idle situation, then, for such long-term idle concrete mixing plant, how to carry out maintenance ?

    1, to do a good job of waterproof, rust the commercial concrete mixing plant.The waterproof here mainly refers to is the erosion of rain and snow, try to keep dry batching plant area environment.
    2, for long-term idle commercial concrete mixing plant, the mixing system should be related parts such as concrete mixers, conveyor belts, cement storage, weighing systems, etc. were removed separately stored, so as to avoid loss, damage and so on.
    3,Regularly on the long-term idle batch plant bearing and other important structure plus lubricating oil, to prevent its long-term operation does not occur after the problem.
    4,If temporary need to use the idle time of concrete plant, The things you should to do first of all, empty load test production, check any problem during the process of trial run, determine the normal feeding of the reentry after production.