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How to reduce noise pollution of the concrete batching plant production

Writer:haomei   Time:13/02/18

    If you are a professional operator of batching plant,you will know that concrete batching plant has the large noise, in fact, the main source of noise are from the concrete mixer. the following three ways shared can effectively control the noise of concrete mixier.
    1. Improve manufacturing precision of the concrete mixer tank: study a comprehensive process to improve production precision of concrete mixer tank,so that when assembled the tank liner and mixing blade gap of 0.5mm or less, to avoid the gap is too large stirring easy card stones emit squeaks, concrete batching plant dedicated boring machine raise two stirring shaft parallelism to improve the stability of the transmission system to reduce noise.
    2. Development of new types concrete mixer: traditional concrete mixing plant the mixer reducer construction machinery standards manufacturing precision low noise, been unable to meet the needs of urban commercial concrete batching plant, this cross-industry design, automotive industry reducer application of design ideas and batching plant, using the spiral arc bevel right angle drive toothed manufacturing precision toothed surface nitriding treatment, the new mixer reducer run smooth, low noise.
    3.New Transmission: traditional concrete batching plant mixer transmission system two stirring shaft synchronization synchronization in the low-speed side, when synchronizing torque, the new transmission system using high-speed end synchronization, sync when force is small, smooth running, low noise.