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Requirements of concrete batching plant for electrical systems

Writer:Admin   Time:13/02/18

    Work performance of concrete batching plant ensure that the electrical system can keep up with the work flow, so the performance requirements of the electrical system must be high.Concrete batching electrical control system for the entire workflow standing production can achieve automatic control, that is, to achieve the entire mixing process that needs not more concrete batching plant managers.
    Electrical control system in the weighing system of mixing plant, a nulling output can automatically tare correction gap more effectively control the measurement accuracy for singular single species the materials weighing have a buckle complement function, and have a light alarm device;Requiring electrical control system can achieve input is convenient, easy to operate, and can accurately adjust and modify the settings of the various materials; electrical control system must have a self-locking and interlocking functions, to ensure accurate and reliable system operation for the common the fault electrical control system must be the fault detection and alarm functions.
    Batching plant sometimes needs to work at night, so the lights there is definitely a lighting of course, part of the electrical control system, electrical control system to ensure that the flexible control of the lights.concrete batching plant in electrical performance of the control system to achieve the above points, the performance is very good.