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Malaysia Concrete Batching Plant For Sale

Writer:Admin   Time:22/04/25

    There are many people investing in malaysia concrete batching plant for sale now. No matter what project the boss invests in, he hopes to recover the cost as soon as possible and make a profit. Many customers who want to build a concrete batching plant in Malaysia have come to consult the concrete batching plant to make money? Is the investment cost-effective? Today we Let me introduce it to you again.

    Whether the malaysia concrete batching plant for sale makes money is related to two aspects, one is the equipment investment cost, and the other is the profit brought. The price of concrete batching plant for sale malaysia is not high, which is mainly related to its model. In theory, concrete batching plant for sale can produce 25-240 cubic meters of concrete per hour. Take HZS35 concrete batching plant as example, it is a small model of concrete batching plant. The model is naturally small, and the overall price will not be too high, so the equipment investment cost of the HZS35 concrete batching plant is still relatively low. Most of the time, the HZS35 concrete batching plant is used as an engineering concrete batching plant. You can use the HZS35 concrete batching plant without buying commercial concrete, which can also save some money.

    malaysia concrete batching plant for sale

    The configuration of malaysia concrete batching plant for sale HZS35 type are:
    1, JS750 Concrete Mixer 1 hopper for feeding, 3.8 meters for discharging height, pneumatic door, including host operation platform, single machine receiving and feeding nozzle, climbing ladder, air cylinder, air pump
    2, PLD1200 Three Warehouses 1 Standard Computer Bucket Weighing
    3, 2 set LSY219 (8 meters) screw conveyors
    4, 2 set 100T cement silos with ladders, guardrails and broken arches
    5, Separate weighing (water, cement, additives, fly ash, etc.) each with a set of weighing frameworks, two types of weighing without a two-layer maintenance platform, and two or more types equipped with a simple two-layer maintenance platform
    6, Microcomputer automatic control 1 set of automatic control including strong and weak current cabinet, computer host, display screen, cable, camera, printing, electric bell, etc.
    7, 1 set of computer control room including air-conditioning, lighting facilities, outriggers 1 meter high.