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New Construction Cement Batching Plant Using Notes

Writer:Admin   Time:16/09/14

     People who familiar with construction cement batching plant equipment knows that at the beginning of the equipment used is critical, so what are the matters should be worthy of note?

    In the first use of the process, as the core of mechanical equipment, concrete mixer host should note the following:

    1, first of all, to enable the first inspection of the rotating parts and cylinder if there is a disorderly touch phenomenon, if there is a tamper with the phenomenon should be timely adjustment.

    2, observe whether there is sundry. Inside the mixer drum

    3, before the start of cylinder limit, should be able to start.

    4, pay attention to the direction of rotation, to ensure that the cylinder end mark shown.

    5, according to the mixing time to adjust the timing of the relay time, must not be adjusted in case of power failure.

    7, press the start button, the spindle will lead the mixing shovel operation.

    8, to be set to automatically stop after the time.

    9, when discharging, should first stop, open the lock pin, move the handle to spin cylinder to a certain location, to make the locking pin positioning spinning spindle, mix out of barrel.

    10,After in the mix, manual reset the cylinder, and the stirring barrels with locking pin positioning.

    11, in the end, clean cylinder.In the water pour into cylinder spindle running to wash, can clean with dry sand.

    In addition it , mixing the host can not be used at full capacity, otherwise it will affect the normal life of the entire equipment.