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Send A Trend Of Concrete Mixing Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:15/08/13

     Modern production of concrete mixing plant concrete working performance is mainly ensure without original concrete structure forming defects, so as to ensure the durability of concrete.Good forced mixer performance is to make concrete high-performance, uniform quality, thus the premise of safe and reliable.

    First, it should give the number of grout, the number of cement and more mobility. Too much, Ooze; too little, collapse. The consistency of the grout is to be controlled, grout consistency depends on the water-cement ratio. Cement ratio is small, slurry thickening, small liquidity, cohesion, good water retention. Too small to ensure the construction dense; too, concrete mixing plant to reduce the strength and durability. This time we should take into account the question of the sand ratio, grout must, sand ratio is too large, dry thick, liquidity is small; too small, grout loss segregation. A few carefully to control these processes, it is possible to function mobile concrete plant to play to the maximum, so be sure to understand.
    1, give priority to urban construction needs.Concrete industry development must be coordinated with city construction planning, both accords with the trend of the urban development and construction, as well as the development trend of concrete industry, in the number of quality to meet the needs of urban construction of concrete.
    2, and the combination of market regulation and government control.In full consideration of ready-mixed concrete industry easily into vicious competition, at the same time in the play to the market competition mechanism, to strengthen the government's rational guidance and regulation of industry development, so as to promote sustained and healthy development of the concrete industry.
    3, overall planning combined with focus.Correct understanding and dealing with concrete industry involved in the process of development of all kinds of relations, adjustment, overall planning, based on the global, long-term, reasonable planning, implement guarantee measures.
    4,Finally, need to be aware of is the 50m3/h concrete batching plant temperature, time, additive, high temperature, long time, liquidity is small.Mineral admixture, liquidity.So, good equipment can be well use, can change the market development of the enterprise.