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Several Steps Production Control Of Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:15/09/30

     The quality control of stationary concrete batching plant raw materials

    To achieve for the quality control of raw materials, must by the company internal technical personnel according to the company's existing conditions of the main control index of raw materials, the control indexes should comply with the company's long-term development goals, and has operability and realizability.In the process of procurement of raw materials should pay attention to the supplier selection, evaluation and determination process.Commercial concrete chooses the main raw material supplier by full-time buyer (when necessary assist by laboratory personnel) of the supplier product quality, supply ability and service quality, and the product sampling, laboratory test, after inspection, being tried for their products.
    Inventory management of raw materials to pay attention to the following points:
    (1) sand silos, gravel of different sizes should be stacked sub-positions, and a logo, indicating the name of the raw material, varieties, specifications, origin, date of purchase. Librarians uniform number of sand silos, concrete mixers florida after drawing area distribution throughout the yard, separately notified laboratory, control room, who feed on forklifts, and with more personnel to determine positions on a number of ingredients, said, as well as storage conditions of the material.
    (2) strengthen the management of the cement, fly ash, ultra-fine powder and powdered materials. Each silo should be identified, indicating the name of the store of raw materials, origin, variety, size; in each silo and the silo inlet should be consistent signs with variety, size, origin, date of purchase inventory amount; imports of each silo to be locked by the person responsible for feed management, personnel must be receipts for verification by staff at both sides of powdered material storage, silos can be opened after the signature confirmation, to prevent feed An error occurred during the accident resulting in quality; Librarians respond raw material silos uniform numbers, and make distribution silos, separately notified laboratories and the main control room.
    (3) concrete batching machine management of admixture.Bulk powder admixture in cement and other powder material of management method is carried out;Powder packaged additive in the warehouse to neat pattern, and with signs indicating the name, varieties, specifications, origin, date of purchase.