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Small Concrete Batching Plant FAQ

Writer:Admin   Time:15/08/21

     Q: what key points that should be paid attention to building small yardage precast concrete plants

    1, selection of equipment.Investment on a smaller scale, can be used for all domestic host accessories and mixing plant and low cost.
    2, the choice of equipment specifications.According to internal use or external use, choose internal host should according to the construction ability and the dosage of concrete.To choose foreign host should according to local conditions, estimate the concrete demand to decide.
    3, the choice of venue.Choosing site, small concrete mixing station should guarantee the ground from the quarry and sand LiaoChang to close, ensure water abundant, and far away from residential areas, etc.If you can make full use of the terrain slope, set the yard on high ground plane of the slope, can reduce the batching machine feeding height, make small loaders loading of climbing Angle or don't have to climb, both to save energy, and reducing wear.Equipment foundation when installation should pay attention to avoid the ground and underground cable, power supply or communication cable.
    Q: what occasion for small concrete mixing station
    Answer: applicable to small construction site, small concrete mixing station 2 and commodity concrete production plants, more suitable for the railway, highway and other mobility strong concrete supply, have the characteristics of strong mobility.Small concrete mixing station to produce harsh, dry rigid, plastic and all kinds of proportioning of concrete can achieve good agitation.
    Q: batching plant machine siting considerations points
    Answer: 1, siting small concrete mixing plant is appropriate, not only affect the construction organization, but also the impact of construction quality and construction costs. In ensuring sufficient area of the premise, but also require higher terrain. Taking into account the influence of the water content of the raw materials for concrete quality and production capacity, raw materials must be stored in the stagnant water of the venue. If the low-lying easy to water you need to consider the construction of drainage channels and to make a full estimate of its drainage capacity, in order to prevent water during heavy rain affecting production.
    2, in order to reduce costs and facilitate the construction, should select venues in locations convenient transportation, but also to be a reasonable plan for access to the channel mixing station.
    Q: what are the small concrete mixing station foundation treatment standards
    1) the foundation should strictly deal with small concrete batching plant , to meet the requirements of the bearing capacity of foundation soil.Mixing plant area requirements in fill 80 cm thick brick slag, and compaction.,
    2), and on this basis, the mixing Station Road area laid concrete pavement, the food preparation area, steel processing using grading macadam compaction as surface.