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Suggestions On The Actual Installation Of Concrete Batching Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:16/12/28

    The latest three months I have a business trip in the Philippines, because there are two customers are required to install concrete batching plant , in the actual installation process there are will inevitably some problems, here is a brief introduction of it.

    1. The batching plant manufacturer must show water station warehouse drawings;Here suggest customers is better to purchase cement silo, spiral, batch plant in a same factory , it is advantageous to the installation smoothly.

    2, Concrete mixing  plant manufacturer produce drawings must pay attention to the cement silo discharging height and position, if you buy from another factory cement silo, to determine the height of discharge, then to buy cement warehouse at annother factory .

    3, The cement level on the warehouse, concrete mixing plant manufacturers to bring material level display box.

    4, If you need to purchase a separate spiral, remember to bring the spiral stent and line; In addition, the cement warehouse dust with no line, you can let the mixing station manufacturers more points in the past.

    5, Pay attention to air conditioning, printer, pump voltage, and the customer's voltage to the same.

    6, November in Manila is the rainy season, so we suggest the customer do the rainproof measures, can see in the picture the customer in the two important positions of concrete mixing plant rainproof measures;So reminding customers do waterproof measures after the installation it can protect some electric components.

    7, Batching plant manufacturer should pay attention to air conditioning, printers, pump voltage, to the voltage, and customers can save time of installation and debugging, make concrete batching plant faster production.

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