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The Control Of Smooth Concrete Batching Plant Process Quality

Writer:Admin   Time:15/05/29

     1, smooh concrete batching plant (check the construction unit shall submit the concrete quality control authentication before opening form, need to check the specific content is as follows:

    - review the casting parts, mixture ratio, whether the raw materials used in the table as to meet the requirements of design and the formulations of already approved report.
    - whether to have qualified raw materials and the material receiving report number and batch number corresponds to.
    After the verification confirmation signature.
    2, mixer, computer data input of 50 m3/h low cost concrete batching plant
    - carrying supervision company approved proposed casting parts with concrete mixture ratio report to the mixing station control room, check the computer input notification, whether concrete mixture ratio and the mixture ratio design requirements and approved by the supervision company mix proportioning.
    - controls the concrete quality control authentication before opening record check if raw materials used in the actual listed in the table with the agreement (including the material reserves and storage location), and calculate whether meet the pouring material reserves.
    - check the mixing unit is normal operation, ensure that every dish in a variety of raw materials weighing within the scope of permissible error.
    3, slump, temperature, test block lien
    - After the first concrete the machine, to participate in the opening identified, participating units should construction units, mixing station lab, Commissioner of the company. In testimony to the parties of the first concrete slump, the machine temperature (for there are concrete into the mold temperature requirements) the performance and workability, etc. were detected. If you do not meet the requirements after, mixing station test should require appropriate adjustments until the indicators are in line with the requirements before continue production.
    - Check the mixing station is required for each aggregate (5-16mm gravel, 16-31.5mm gravel, sand) moisture content were determined, not less than once every work shift, when the moisture content of the aggregate have When significant changes should increase the number of measurements, and require mixing station according to test results in a timely manner to adjust Its Construction.
    4, transport control
    - Detection concrete tanker Performance: concrete tank must be equipped with two-speed mixing tube A speed for stirring A speed for mixing.
    - Concrete tank should arrive in accordance with the scheme in the designated site and return line mixing station, make sure to reach the pouring point in the shortest possible time, supervisors should be strictly controlled to pouring concrete mixing interval.
    - When segregation during transport or use additives to adjust, the batch concrete plant should be rapid stirring, mixing time should not be less than 120S.
    - Do not add water to the tank body in concrete tanker transport and unloading process.