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The discharge method of concrete mixer

Writer:Admin   Time:17/09/13

     The concrete mixer is discharged way is related to its type, and we all know that there are two commonly used concrete mixers: forced concrete mixer and a roller concrete mixer ,also called JS concrete mixer and JZC concrete mixer.

    The forced concrete mixers are divided into: twin shaft forced concrete mixer and single horizontal shaft forced concrete mixer. Among them, the twin shaft concrete mixer often as a concrete batching plant mixing host, its discharge method is: vertical discharge. And single horizontal axis forced concrete mixer is the way out: side out material.
    Roller-type concrete mixer(JZS JZM concrete mixer) according to the feeding method is divided into: skid-type concrete mixer and lifting concrete mixer, according to the drive is divided into: pulley drive and friction drive. But no matter how many species, their way of discharge is the same, they are all moving to stir, reverse the material.