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The Five Factors Influencing Types Of Concrete Batching Plants Work

Writer:Admin   Time:15/07/02

     Types of concrete batching plants is suitable for roads, Bridges, water conservancy, port and other industrial and civil building engineering, can stir the harsh concrete and lightweight aggregate concrete and all kinds of mortar, is a kind of efficient mixing station.

    Engineering long-term work in the field of concrete mixing plant damage due to lightning and control systems, and even the whole system down, when the whole thing stirred station stops have occurred, seriously affect the progress of the project. So, seriously rain system design has become an important subject of concrete mixing station designer unavoidable.
    In addition, the other factors influencing the function of wet mix concrete batching plant work are:
    (1) the number of the slurry
    Number, more active.Too much, flow slurry;Too little and collapse.
    (2) the consistency of cement slurry
    Consistency of cement slurry is determined by the water cement ratio.Small water cement ratio, cement slurry thickening, active, good adhesiveness and water retention.Is too small to ensure construction compact;Is too large, reduce the strength and durability.
    (3) the sand ratio as for universal concrete mixers
    Cement slurry must, sand ratio is too large, thick, active;Is too small, the slurry erosion, segregation.
    (4) varieties of cement and aggregate properties
    Cement fine, good mobility.A pebble concrete rubble concrete activity.
    (5) temperature, time and additive