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The layout details of concrete mixing plant is introduced

Writer:Admin   Time:17/12/04

     There are horizontal, vertical, and mobile concrete batching plant of concrete mixing plant.

    By know about the layout of the concrete mixing plant, you can choose to use the commercial concrete mixing plant for your own project according to the size of the project and the geographical needs. This not only reduces unnecessary troubles, but also effectively increases economic benefits.

    In the vertical concrete mixing plant, the material to be processed is to be raised once, and then it needs to drop by its own weight to the various processes that need to be processed. The advantage is high efficiency, small footprint, and easy to use to implement automatic equipment, vertical concrete mixing plant disadvantage is that the structure of its equipment is too complex, so when the manufacturing cost will be much higher, and its installation There is a great technical difficulty.

    In the horizontal concrete mixing plant, the general material to be through the second upgrade, it is to first promote the material to the storage hopper of the equipment, and then after the material is weighed, according to the needs of the processing needs to be transferred to Among the mixers. Because this form of concrete mixing station in use has the advantages of simple structure, low investment, low building height, are generally used in small concrete batching plant engineering. The disadvantage of the equipment is that the material needs to be lifted twice, which results in a low production efficiency of the equipment and a low degree of automation of the horizontal concrete mixing plant, which are all disadvantages of the equipment, Place to choose to use.

    Mobile batching plant is a combination of feeding, stocking, mixing and discharging a series of devices are installed to a base on the way. Mobile concrete plant has the advantages of compact structure, easy handling, and can also be directly in the field to run, thereby reducing the concrete conveying distance, which effectively saves the effective cost of the economy. For some small projects or maintenance of the project is to choose to use.