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The model is not the actual productivity of concrete mixing plant

Writer:Admin   Time:17/11/23

     Concrete mixing plant models are not actually their actual productivity, that is to say, theoretical productivity cannot reach actual productivity.

    For example, the HZS50 concrete batching plant theory production per hour at 50 cubic meters of road, but in fact, our equipment can not work in every state, also in the process of using the batching plant configuration is different, the degree of uniformity of material feeding, the operation is skilled in addition, concrete the vehicle arrival time length and so on a number of factors, these will be on the concrete mixing station affect production efficiency. So the maximum production efficiency of batching plant is different from the maximum production efficiency of batching plant.

    In addition, some of the equipment failure is inevitable, there are some other reasons to stop the operation of equipment, need to suspend operation, so the actual productivity will reach 50 cubic meters, when we buy equipment to actual productivity reference equipment required to buy their own equipment, the progress of the project procurement model is too small to influence yours.

    Before purchasing a complete set of construction cement batching plant, users will consult the manufacturer for the output and production efficiency of the equipment. And we as an professional batching plant manufacturer, according to user needs combined with batching plant itself for the user to select a set of suitable batching plant for their.