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The Operation Of JS2000 Cement Mixers

Writer:Admin   Time:16/04/15

     We will introduce the operation method of JS2000 cement mixers in the following.

    1.Clean up the debris in the mixing drum before starting the machine and check if the rotating parts are damaged.
    2.To inject new oil into reducer, after checking the cylinder device to start again.
    3.After the start, first give the empty machine a test run, if it is found that there is problem, immediately shut down and repair it, if there is no problem, we can put the material into the concrete mixer.
    4.When the JS2000 concrete mixer is mixing the concrete, it needs to cover with a lid, according to the requirements of the concrete, we can set the mixing time.
    5.When discharging the material, first stop the 1 cubic meters concrete mixer, after discharging, put the water into the drum to make the main shaft run to clean the barrel.
    JS2000 concrete mixer is a large concrete mixer that can produce 120 cubic meters concrete per hour. It is generally used as mixing host in concrete mixing plant.