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The Preparing Work Before Using Concrete Boom Pump

Writer:Admin   Time:15/05/27

     First, daily maintenance of concrete boom pump 

    Because the concrete pump sort is more, here only to introduce some general maintenance.
    1. check the project before departure
    (1) boom, slide valve and leg should be fully recover and locked.
    (2) the work light, signal devices working properly.
    (3) there is plenty of oil, grease and washing water.
    (4)Each of the parts hydraulic oil enough don't leak.
    (5) piping, tools, instruments and accessories shall be complete.
    Second, The main component inspection cycle
    (1) Daily inspection appearance damage deformation, loose parts exposed, operation and performance changes, oil leakage, hose damage, lack of grease lubrication points, vehicle driving insecurity.
    (2) Monthly (or pump concrete 2 000 m3) Check spool valve damage, wear and tear duct, hydraulic oil reduced lubrication points lubrication, automotive part of routine maintenance.
    (3) months  shell, the delivery cylinder damage, electrical components, hydraulic oil deterioration, arm injury, automobile part of routine maintenance checks under the spool.
    (4) year (or pump concrete 24 000 m3) inspection stirrer, stirring motor oil, oil rotary motors,  replacement of hydraulic oil.
    (5) every two years (or pump concrete 48 000 m3) to check all items pay attention when dismantling the various seals to replace all cars should be part of an overhaul at the appropriate designation or professional repair points.
    Third, hydraulic oil and lubricating oil fpr concrete batching plants , grease selection
    Hydraulic oil Model: Winter 32 hydraulic oils, non-winter 46 hydraulic oils.
    Spool valve Lubrication: winter non-extreme pressure lithium grease No. 000, the non-winter 00 non-extreme pressure lithium grease.
    Cars and the rest of cement mixer lubrication: Calcium grease on the 2nd or reference to instructions for use.