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The safety precautions of concrete batching plants

Writer:Admin   Time:19/01/03

     It is necessary to know the composition of concrete batching plants before carrying out safety precautions.

    1. Ingredient supply system: aggregate hopper, aggregate weighing hopper, flat belt conveyor, inclined belt conveyor.

    2. Operation Control System: Microcomputer Automation or Manual Control.

    3. Mixing system: The main machine is double horizontal axis forced concrete mixer, reducer, cement weighing bucket, water and additive weighing bucket.

    4. Electrical operating system: computer console, electronic control cabinet, operating room.

    5. Cement supply system: cement bin, screw conveyor, air compressor, screw electronic scale.

    6. Automatic water supply system: water tank, water pump and pipeline.

    The safety precautions of concrete batching plants:

    1. The batch plant machine foundation must be firm and conform to the architectural design specifications.

    2. In the process of concrete batch plant installation, it is strictly forbidden to tilt the silo and deform the outriggers.

    3. The bottom of the outrigger is firmly welded with the embedded parts of the foundation.

    4. Do a good job of windproof and lightning protection.

    5. Strong impact on outriggers and cement silos is strictly prohibited.

    6. Check regularly the cement adherence of dust collector cloth bags and clean them up in time.

    7. When the cement bin (cement tank) is working, it must be erected by a special crane, and then placed on the precast concrete foundation. After the cement bin (cement tank) is erected, the perpendicularity with the horizontal plane is checked, and then the bottom and the embedded parts of the foundation are welded firmly.

    8. Once the cloth bag is blocked, the pressure in the warehouse exceeds the safety pressure of the top pressure relief valve. The pressure relief valve can open and release the pressure in the warehouse to prevent the occurrence of explosion accidents.