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The Selection Instructions Of Trailer Concrete Pump

Writer:Admin   Time:15/09/02

     1. The factors of concrete pouring cement pump machine type selection should be based on concrete engineering objects, features, and requirements of the maximum transmission distance, concrete construction plan, concrete pump form and the specific conditions into account.

    2. The type of construction and the performance of the structure concrete pump truck vary with models, when the choice of models besides into considering concrete pouring quantity, you should also consider building types and structure, construction technical requirements and site conditions and environment, etc.Usually chooses the main performance parameters of the concrete pump truck should be consistent with the construction requirements, or larger, if the capacity is too large, the utilization rate is low, is too small, not only can't satisfy the requirements will also accelerate the loss of concrete pump truck.
    3. Construction adaptability than concrete pump truck has the flexibility, and the higher the boom height, pouring the greater height and radius of fabric, construction are more flexible, should try to choose high boom in construction of concrete pump truck.Boom length 28 ~ 36 m concrete pump truck is enormous quantity wide products on the market, accounting for about 75%. The long arm frame concrete pump truck will be the main model in the construction.In addition, concrete pump truck is limited by the bearing capacity of automobile chassis, when the boom height more than 42 m cost increase a lot, and is subject to the restrictions of the construction site space, so general rarely use.
    4. Number of the amount of construction business used concrete pump truck, concrete pouring may be calculated according to the amount of actual throughput stand-alone operation and construction time. For those disposable concrete pouring concrete pumping a large amount of construction work, except in accordance with the calculation to determine the outside, it should have a certain amount of reserve. In addition, annual output of 100,000 to 150,000 M3 of concrete mixing station, to be equipped with two to three concrete pump.
    5. Product Configuration concrete pump product performance should adhere to the starting point in the selection is. If the selection of high-value concrete pump, then its standard product requirements also need to be improved. The main components of the product quality from the inherent quality to the appearance of quality and high-value vehicle to be adapted.
    6. The power system is fully hydraulic trailer concrete pump  technology, to consider whether all hydraulic technology advanced, how the hydraulic vision quality. Its power comes from the engine, so the engine in addition to considering performance and quality, but also consider the performance, carrying capacity and the quality of automotive chassis and so on.